Mirrors are more than just for checking how pretty you are… With their frames and colors, they can really enhance your décor. Personalize the size ,color and choose 10 different patterns that will give life and stile to your to your decor


  • Classic shape that will fit with any décor

  • Comes ready to hang

  • Plywood soul covered with 100% cowhide leather

  • Customize the size, color or pattern of the frame

About the glass:


The glass is 4mm or 1/8 of an inch thick and comes with or without a bevel. As always, you choose!


Mirage®, manufactured with crystal Float®, is a mirror with quality and durability comparable to the best European or American mirrors.


Manufactured with rigorous quality controls, Mirage® comes with a double protection paint coat that assures a mirror with a long lasting life without losing it’s original characteristics, even in high relative humidity places.